December 2018 - News Update

Over the last six months, the progress of many of our projects has been severely affected by the current political situation in south west Cameroon. It has not been possible for volunteers from Europe to go out to assist with the work in Cameroon since March this year. Our Cameroonian colleagues are continuing to support our work but they themselves are surrounded by the conflict and their safety is of paramount importance to us.

The political crisis is affecting so many people living in the southwest region and neighbouring north west region of Cameroon with lives being lost and leaving many homeless. To find out more about the crisis please this link

As soon as it is safe for our volunteers to return to the area we aim to resume our activities there.

Amputee Rehabilitation Project 2017-2019

Through successfully working with partners in the UK and Cameroon, a small number of individuals who have had a lower limb amputation are now fully mobile using a prosthetic leg.
Prior to the project commencing, it was virtually impossible for people with an amputation to obtain a prosthetic leg due to the limited number of service providers in the area. This, coupled with the very high cost of a prosthetic leg, has meant individuals have been restricted to moving at best with crutches. This restriction has meant that reaching the workplace and participating in active work and family life has been difficult if not impossible for some and subsequently, the knock on effect has been not being able to adequately provide for themselves and their families.

Casting often has to be done with very limited equipement.

Understanding that supplying a prosthetic leg is only part of the process, Nicky’s Foundation is working in partnership with local technicians as well as a UK based prosthetics company to ensure the fabrication and fitting of the prosthetic leg is completed to the satisfaction of the client.

Local technicians can make the necessary adjustments to the prosthetic leg fabricated in the UK.

This often means a number of follow up visits to ensure fitting is as good as it can be. Alongside and following on from the fitting the individual will be involved in a program of rehabilitation and adjustment to moving without crutches, which, for some, will be the first time they’ve been free to move without crutches for over a decade!

Here is one of the beneficiaries trying out his prosthesis for the first time.

The project is still in its infancy but is going well.
Some more of the beneficiaries are pictured below