Parent Support Group

Never has there been a greater need to provide support to parents of children with disabilities in South West Region of Cameroon. The on-going political conflict and civil unrest continues to leave the general population fearing for their safety. Communities have fled villages and sought refuge in towns such as Mamfe. There are now thousands of internally displaced people in the region and among them are families of children with disabilities.

During 2020, Nicky’s Foundation has identified a number of families requiring support on a practical, financial, educational and emotional level and have invited these families to attend a weekly support group to provide a forum and a safe environment to work through their individual circumstances and come up with an action plan for each family.

Input from a social worker and a community rehabilitation worker is provided along with the skills that the parents can contribute.

This short video shows a parent providing a livelihood skills training session to other parents during one of the support group sessions.

December 2018 - News Update

Over the last six months, the progress of many of our projects has been severely affected by the current political situation in south west Cameroon. It has not been possible for volunteers from Europe to go out to assist with the work in Cameroon since March this year. Our Cameroonian colleagues are continuing to support our work but they themselves are surrounded by the conflict and their safety is of paramount importance to us.

The political crisis is affecting so many people living in the southwest region and neighbouring north west region of Cameroon with lives being lost and leaving many homeless. To find out more about the crisis please this link

As soon as it is safe for our volunteers to return to the area we aim to resume our activities there.