Inclusive Education Project – commenced September 2016

In addition to the many vulnerable and orphan children that Nicky’s Foundation sponsors to go to school, we also support children with disabilities to go to school. The principle of inclusive education, whereby children with a disability are included in mainstream school wherever possible, is our primary aim and this school year will see the first government primary school in SW Cameroon becoming an inclusive school where children who are deaf or have an hearing impairment will be learning in the classroom alongside their peers. Nicky’s Foundation is collaborating with Baptist Health convention to jointly sponsor this pioneering project with Nicky and Thomson project managing.

Representives from Nicky's Foundation and Baptist Health Convention working with mainstream teachers, traditional leaders and parents of children with a hearing impairment as part of the introductory phase of the project.

The 8 children registered for academic 2016/17 with their parents on day 1 of term in September.

This pilot project will run for 5 years and has the following objectives:

  • To overcome potential barriers and respond to learner’s diverse learning needs by
    • providing basic training skills for support staff to assist with children with a disability in the classroom,
    • providing learners with disabilities with all classroom materials and access to a general curriculum taking into consideration each learner’s individual needs.
  • To recruit trained sign language teachers to teach alongside the regular classroom teachers to ensure that children with a hearing impairment are at the same level of understanding as their peers without such impairments.
  • As the project develops, all regular teachers and parents of children living with a disability will be offered refresher courses on sign language to contribute to building inclusive societies.
  • To provide annual refresher training with stakeholders for the next five years
  • To provide an environment where positive attitudes will prevail.